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Winds of Change: Vineyard Wind Ushers in a New Era for Clean Energy

The crisp Atlantic air off the coast of Martha's Vineyard carried a new melody on February 2nd, 2024. Five colossal turbines, each taller than the Statue of Liberty, began their graceful rotations, marking the historic moment power began flowing from Vineyard Wind, the first large-scale offshore wind farm in the United States. This momentous occasion signifies a seismic shift in Massachusetts' energy landscape, one that promises cleaner air, lower energy costs, and a more sustainable...

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Line Leakage Testing: Is It Right For Your Application

The Line Leakage test (LLT for short) is most often specified to be performed as a type test in a design or engineering laboratory or as a routine production line test on medical devices right before they ship. Not as commonly performed as a Dielectric Withstand or Ground Bond test in a production...

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Bruce Power expansion gets $50M in federal funding

In a significant move toward bolstering Canada's clean energy capabilities and addressing the increasing demand for electricity, the federal government has announced a $50 million investment in the expansion of the Bruce Power nuclear plant. This initiative marks a pivotal moment as Ottawa's most...

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Labor Shortage Threatens to Stall Clean Energy Boom

New York, NY - The burgeoning renewable energy sector faces an unexpected hurdle – resistance from some rural communities across the United States. While many areas embrace the environmental and economic benefits of wind and solar farms, others are raising concerns about potential downsides,...

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T&D Asset Operators Look to Critical Energy Storage

battery life diagram

Upgrading and deferring existing wires and substations may be the most common application of battery storage utilized for transmission and distribution. However, batteries also provide a range of solutions designed to maximize the lifetime of T&D infrastructure. Also referred to as T&D asset optimization, these energy storage systems (ESSs) are designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of existing T&D assets to provide electricity in a given service territory. Ensuring that these systems are reliable is critical to the effective operation of electricity throughout a given service territory.
Navigant Research anticipates that a cumulative 35.5 GW of new energy storage will be built for critical infrastructure through 2027. Approximately 25% of this storage capacity is expected to directly address T&D issues. Mission critical installations require systems that deliver continuous electrical service with high power quality to the grid. Such installations also require facilities like large data centers, telecom operations, financial services centers, hospitals...


EFACEC case study

The EFACEC Group is leading the supply of integrated solutions and equipment in the market of power generation, transmission and distribution. The Group forms a complete value chain, from building turnkey projects to equipment manufacture, where integrated solutions are developed and designed in...


Solving Underground Cable Problems with Partial Discharge Testing

How to prevent failure with partial discharge testing BY HENNING OETJEN, Megger Partial discharge (PD) measurements are increasingly used as a reliable and non-destructive diagnostic method to detect weak spots in the insulation of underground cables. Routinely, partial discharge measurements are...


Estimating Transmission Costs for New Generation Technologies

Often when project developers talk about the cost of a new power plant, wind farm, or solar installation, they’re referring to the capital cost of building a facility. Certainly those development costs have dropped over time—especially for wind and solar. But developers overlook the cost to...