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Bruce Power expansion gets $50M in federal funding

In a significant move toward bolstering Canada's clean energy capabilities and addressing the increasing demand for electricity, the federal government has announced a $50 million investment in the expansion of the Bruce Power nuclear plant. This initiative marks a pivotal moment as Ottawa's most substantial commitment to enhancing a major nuclear facility in several decades. The funding, derived from the Clean Electricity Pre-development Program by Natural Resources Canada, is aimed at supporting the preparatory stages...

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Fort Collins Municipality Case Study

A proposal for equipping broadband services to the Fort Collins, CO, municipality was approved by residents and a $120 million bond is now providing Fort Collins with resources to build and improve the municipality’s infrastructure so it can support broadband service for any qualifying...

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Smart Grid

Smart Grid, Smart Metering, T&D Automation

T&D Automation

Future of Utility Communications

Increasingly, electric utilities are deploying intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) and other smart apparatus in substations and along distribution feeders as well as equipping field workers with laptop, tablet and handheld computers. Electric utilities are also installing specialized computers...

Distribution Automation

Enhance Data Center Security

How utilities can protect operations from penetration BY MICHAEL STUBER, Itron For utilities deploying Smart Grid solutions, the major security concern is often the field devices. Utilities and vendors have long understood that field devices such as meters, switches, routers, and concentrators are...

How Electric Vehicles Could Sink the Texas Grid

Simultaneous charging of just 60,000 next-generation electric vehicles could one day threaten the Texas grid, an analysis has shown. Based on a 100-kilowatt EV battery with a 5-minute charge time, which could potentially be the standard for EVs in three or four years, demand from 60,000 cars...

The Smart Grid Prophecy

For years, industry publications have touted Smart Grid cost-benefit study results that show Smart Grid investments paying for themselves with reduced utility costs. The widely quoted report published by the Electric Power Research Institute, “Estimating the Costs and Benefits of the Smart...

Demand Response Communications

Weighing choices from AMI to Zigbee to Wi-Fi and cellular

BY HOWARD NG, Comverge

The demand response industry is currently experiencing some of its greatest success currently in the marketplace. However, similar to all technologies that stand the test of time, demand response started somewhere different from where the technology is now. The communication protocols available for demand response participants and their respective utilities, in particular, have evolved significantly.

When advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) was introduced in the late 2000s, it was believed to be superior to the paging system. Utilities built demand response benefits into their Smart Grid...