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Substation Testing & Maintenance

Case Study: Rapid Changes in Bushing Health

IntroductionContinuous online monitoring of bushings provides real-time information which can result in the early detection of a possible failure. Challenge: A Major AlarmA prominent U.S. utility was looking for a way to improve system reliability for their 138kV assets. They researched and...

Physical Security & Monitoring

Substation Security

Improve protection with a layered security approach BY ERIC BYRES, Belden Inc. An age-old joke in the North American power industry states that if Alexander Graham Bell walked in the room today, he would not recognize the telephone, the technology, or its business model. However, if Thomas Edison...

Substation Automation

Substation Architecture Protection

Solving common mistakes in communications cabling for electrical utilities BY FRANK KODITEK, Belden Inc. In the energy industry, there are numerous types of cables in use for a wide variety of applications, from transporting high-voltage current for miles to providing power and data connectivity...

Lightning Protection

Lightning Strikes

In Canada, lightning flashes occur about 2.34 million times a year; with the highest levels of concentration during the summer months. While most lightning on earth is ground-to-cloud,  recent research has identified that the majority of lightning events to tall structures, such as wind turbines,...

Breakers & Relays

Storm-Hardened Switchgear

How to protect electrical equipment from Mother Nature BY ROBERT A. MURPHY, Trayer Engineering Corporation The U.S. National Weather Service called Hurricane Sandy the most destructive storm of 2012’s unusually active Atlantic hurricane season. Sandy delivered unprecedented damage across a wide...

Substation Protection

Substation Focused on Environmental Design

One of the important trends in design of new overhead lines over the past 20 years has been development of structures and designs that are less obtrusive and more pleasing visually. Much the same process has also been going on at substations. For example, even 25 years ago, efforts had already been...

Electrical Substations

Cyber Threats on the Rise Invest Now to Boost Power Grid Defenses

Critical infrastructure security is in the national spotlight. In 2020, the power grid and energy sector was the third most targeted sector for cyber-attacks, up from ninth place in 2019, and the threats are growing more sophisticated. The Biden administration recently issued a national security memorandum which sets baseline cybersecurity goals and practices to protect the grid. The order also encourages the deployment of advanced technology for threat visibility, detection, monitoring, and response.
Power and...

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