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Disaster & Recovery

Storm Outage Restoration Congress comes to Georgia

Cairo Vanegas, the superintendent Of Electric T&D for Fort Pierce Utilities Authority will speaking at the Storm Outage Restoration Congress on December 11th and 12th in Atlanta, Georgia on "Examining Methods For Reducing Damage To Overhead Infrastructure Through Armless Construction And Other...

Overhead Distribution

Building a better world of smart structures on the smart grid

It is a truth universally acknowledged that billions of people around the world live in poverty. But does it have to be that way? Today’s technological progress means that tomorrow we will be able to produce more, more efficiently – lifting people above the breadline with accelerated economic...

Outage Management & Restoration

Outage Management Toolbox

Nine capabilities required for an effective OMS system BY MICHEL GILLES, Intergraph Increasing or maintaining power reliability is the fundamental charter for utility companies. For electric utilities to meet customer expectations and adhere to government regulations, they require an efficient way...

Case Study

High-Capacity, Energy-Efficient ACCC® Conductor Case Study

This project won EEI Transmission Project of the Year – 2016 Description: 240 circuit miles, 345 kV line, double bundleProject: Replace 1,440 miles of ACSR conductor with ACCC   Objectives Improve reliability (reduced sag and corrosion) Increased capacity to serve growth (2X...

Pole Line Hardware

Wire and Cable

Cable Cleats Testing - Crucial to Cable Management

Essentially, cable cleats are devices designed to secure cables and to ensure the retention and support of them, reducing the load that the cable may be exposed to under its own weight. They are also designed to contain the cables under fault conditions, protecting the cables and the cable...

Overhead T&D

Outage Management Review: Outage Intelligence

The permeation of intelligence into the medium-voltage network is continuing apace, bringing the reality of the Smart Grid ever closer. One target of the Smart Grid is to improve service continuity by recognizing, locating, and isolating faults as quickly as possible.

Concurrently, the amount of equipment taken out of service should be minimized in order to keep energy provision to the consumer at a maximum. Although faults and outages have always occurred in the power...

Overhead T&D Articles