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Transformer Monitoring

The Truth About Cast-Resin Transformers

Debunking the myths surrounding aluminum usage BY SCOTT MAY, VIJAI NARAYANAN, ANDREW LAWLESS, Siemens Much has been written about the use of aluminum versus copper for transformer conductors within the electrical industry. Aluminum conductors have been used successfully in the electrical industry...

Transformer Software & Technologies

Dielectric Fluids

Transformer Protection


ABSTRACTHere we discuss the phenomenon of transformer inrush; what it is and its significance to transformer protection design. INTRODUCTIONA couple of years ago in this Transformer Special Edition, we wrote an article that covered the most used transformer protection schemes. As was pointed out...

Utility Transformers

Conductive Glues

Electrically conductive pastes in high-voltage transformers BY LISA RINALDO, Prohm-tect As with other components of North American infrastructure such as wastewater and stormwater systems, much of the continent’s electrical grid faces long-term problems. Aging facilities, rising energy demand,...

Transformer Testing & Maintenance

How to Improve Transformer Protection

Using symmetrical components for fault discrimination in differential protection BY IMRAN RIZVI, ABB Inc. Classical differential protection schemes are subject to ghost differential currents due to current transformer (CT) saturation and magnetization currents. Several methods are used to counter...

Power Transformers

Electrical transformer design and manufacturing

Acutran Transformers: Built to Military Precision

Acutran is a veteran-owned custom designer and manufacturer of low- and medium-voltage dry-type transformers from 10VA to 3000kVA with voltages up to 25000V, inductors and reactors, and related components and services.
The company was founded in 1983 and is now owned by Mike Evans, who is also the general manager. Mike served in Iraq with the 82nd Airborne Division of the U.S. Army. That dedication to service and country, along with Mike’s 25 years of...

Power Transformers Articles