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Protection of Electrical Power Transformers

INTRODUCTIONIn most large electrical systems, generators and power transformers are the two most expensive pieces of equipment. In addition to the capital cost of purchase, these two key devices are also the most critical to continuous and reliable operation of the system.Consider, for example, the...

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Harmonic Problems in Power Transformers

Preventing malfunction in power transformers BY ANDY SAGL, Megger Harmonics are another power quality phenomenon that can cause equipment to malfunction. Harmonics are a sinusoidal component of periodic waves that have frequencies that are multiples of the fundamental frequency. Harmonics can cause...

Electrical Transformers

Power Utility Replaces Aging Transformers with Customized, Drop-in Units

As aging transformers at generation facilities near end-of-life cycles, a number of potentially dangerous events can come into play when it comes to aging transformers – in addition to untimely power outages and costly repairs. Because many transformers are exposed to dust and high operating...

Dielectric Fluids

Advancements in Dissolved Gas Analysis: Investigating Failure Cases

IntroductionDissolved gas analysis (DGA) provides the early warning radar view of a transformer fleet with a non-intrusive screening process for early identification of problematic transformers. Suspicious transformers can be subjected to more invasive and costly physical testing to determine the...

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EFACEC case study

The EFACEC Group is leading the supply of integrated solutions and equipment in the market of power generation, transmission and distribution. The Group forms a complete value chain, from building turnkey projects to equipment manufacture, where integrated solutions are developed and designed in accordance with clients’ needs. The Group offers a comprehensive range of activities such as: Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Automation and Telecontrol Systems, Electric Mobility Power Supply Systems as well as Maintenance...

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