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Energy Storage Systems

Electricity Storage

Can this up-and coming technology really replace transmission? BY RICK FIORAVANTI, KEMA Electricity storage holds the promise of tremendous potential, but sometimes this potential can put expectations on the applications that may be difficult to attain. Such is the case with the question this...

Electric Transportation

Vehicle-to-Grid Integration

How utilities can move forward using electric vehicles BY BEAUDRY KOCK, Recargo Until recently, North American electric utility reps might have understood electric vehicles in one dimension only: potential adverse impacts on the power grid. However, as knowledge and understanding have grown, such...

How Electric Vehicles Could Sink the Texas Grid

Simultaneous charging of just 60,000 next-generation electric vehicles could one day threaten the Texas grid, an analysis has shown. Based on a 100-kilowatt EV battery with a 5-minute charge time, which could potentially be the standard for EVs in three or four years, demand from 60,000 cars...

Renewable Energy Grid Integration

Renewables in the T&D industry

Electricity Today’s annual Green Smart Grid Report on renewables in the T&D industry BY DOUG HOUSEMAN, IEEE, EnerNex Corp. When people talk about grid modernization, they often focus on the benefits of integrating renewable resources as distributed generation. For many stakeholders, that is...

Connecting Hydropower to the Electric Grid

Quantifying investments for plant upgrades and new pumped storage BY LINDSEY ROGERS, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) In the early 1900s, hydro was the mainstay generation resource. Today, it has evolved to be a less prominent, but still highly valued, flexible form of renewable generation....

Renewable Energy

Plugging into Electric Vehicles

Most future planning discussions about electric vehicles begin with a prediction for significant impact by 2020. While these studies are important for future planning, utilities must consider the direct impact that EVs are currently having on society. Despite recent news about lower gas prices at the pump, over 300,000 EVs are currently on the road. The grid implications of charging these vehicles are crucial.

In 2015 alone, electric vehicles (EVs) in the U.S will...

Renewable Energy Articles