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Distribution Automation

The Digital Substation Utopia

Electric utilities have long considered digital substations an insubstantial concept: an ideal vision of all-knowing substations networked into an intelligent grid. However, technological innovations have slowly emerged in the past few decades, consequently, transforming this utopian vision into a...

Smart Metering

Tracking Smart City Trends

Already, smart city technologies are strong in Europe and the Middle East. Now, cities all over North America are joining the smart cities movement as well. Once the journey begins, a city quickly realizes that it cannot become smart and sustainable without the help of its electric power utility....

Asset Management & Maintenance

Aging Infrastructure: How to Save Aging Assets

Applying limited resources to critical, aging infrastructure BY MASSOUD AMIN, IEEE Smart Grid, University of Minnesota The Smart Grid’s contributions to improving electric utilities’ means of monitoring the condition of assets, providing enhanced situational awareness, and faster actionable...

Substation Automation

Extracting Value From Big Data

Moving forward with distribution automation and intelligent electronic devices BY JOHN MCDONALD, GE Digital Energy The ongoing rollout of interval (aka “smart”) meters and the resulting deluge of data have rightly received much attention and triggered the initial impetus for electric utility...

Energy Storage & Grid Integration

Deep Packet Inspection Firewalls

Protecting legacy SCADA systems from cyberattacks BY ERIC BYRES, Belden Over the past decade, the power industry has embraced network technologies such as Ethernet and transmission control protocol (TCP)/Internet protocol suite (IP) for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and...

Utility Automation & Monitoring

Integrating Renewables

Turning green generation into power BY THE EXPERTS AT THE WORLD WATCH INSTITUTE A grid system’s difficulty in absorbing variable generation can present an obstacle to the growth of renewable power, especially when continued improvements in infrastructure and market design are absent. There are...

T&D Automation

Crew Scheduling and Dispatch

How mobile solutions improve restoration efforts

BY JIM MENTON, ClickSoftware

Electric utilities are modernizing the power grid to meet the demands of an increasingly digital society. In the same way, mobile solutions are helping service personnel (line crews, contractors, and supervisors) respond to catastrophic storm events in ways that were unforeseen a few short years ago. These mobile solutions can provide technicians with a range of logistical and emergency response capabilities.

Common mobile capabilities can...

T&D Automation Articles