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Energy Storage & Grid Integration

Smart Metering

Writing Smart Grid Requirements

Managing change with positive thinking to make the most of investments BY JOHN MCDONALD, IEEE Senior Member, GE Energy Management - Digital Energy The process of writing requirements for Smart Grid-related technology purchases may appear simple and straightforward. It is not. As the technology...

Asset Management & Maintenance

Trends in SCADA Security

The importance of up-to-date critical system monitoring BY MARLEE ROSEN, Rosen Associates Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) networks contain computers and applications that perform critical capabilities in delivering essential services and commodities (for example, electricity,...

Substation Automation

Improving Grid Cyber Security

Addressing the impacts and the drawbacks BY ELIZAVETA MALASHENKO, CHRIS VILLARREAL, & J. DAVID ERICKSON, California Public Utilities Commission With grid modernization or “Smart Grid” efforts underway, cyber security is being recognized as an increasingly important factor in ensuring...

Distribution Automation


Currently, modern electric utilities are facing an avalanche of new data. Each new system deployed presents a tremendous amount of information that can provide great value to the utility. Unfortunately, the tools available to work with this information are often rudimentary and create difficulties...

Utility Automation & Monitoring

Smart Grid Software & Apps

Utilities worldwide are adopting innovative technology to embrace the potential of the Smart Grid while conquering a myriad of new challenges posed by it, and by a new host of financial and regulatory challenges. In order to take advantage of the opportunities presented, while at the same time,...

T&D Automation

The Intelligent City of Tomorrow

The term “smart city” is becoming increasingly common, especially in the public services sector. Cities of all sizes have interdependent systems, from electricity, water, and gas utilities to transportation systems to municipal lighting systems.

City officials are discovering how to leverage and apply certain technology to systems such as utilities and public service departments. However, more importantly, officials are beginning to understand technology’s numerous benefits to the city’s operations and citizenry.

Consider a city...

T&D Automation Articles