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HV Test Equipment

Substation Testing

Partial Discharge & Circuit Breaker Asset Management

Detecting and avoiding preventable failures BY JAY GARNETT, Doble Engineering Company While metal clad switchgear can be very reliable, sometimes operating for over 50 years, throughout the aging process, this group of electrical disconnect switches, fuses and circuit breakers can experience issues...

Transformer Diagnostic Testing

Transformer diagnostic testing: standards to diagnose equipment with Sweep Frequency Response analysis BY VOLNEY NARANJO, Megger Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA) has become a powerful tool in advanced power transformer assessments and probably one of the main and first tools used to...

Breaker Testing

Power Factor Testing of Circuit Breakers

Detecting contamination and deterioration in SF6 breakers to ensure longevity BY LINDA NOWAK, Doble Engineering Company The purpose of “Doble testing”, or power factor testing, SF6 (sulfur hexafluoride) circuit breakers is to detect the presence of contamination and/or deterioration of the...

Insulation Resistance Test

Insulation Resistance (IR) test, often called Megger test, is more than 100 years old and assumed to be a very straightforward test. During my inspection and testing work in the past 15 years in Canada, US, and internationally, I have seen different practices of performing and interpretation of IR...

Why calibrate test equipment

You’re serious about your electrical test instruments. You buy top brands, and you expect them to be accurate. You know some people send their digital instruments to a metrology lab for calibration, and you wonder why. After all, these are all electronic — there’s no meter...

HV Testing

ultrasound equipment

Detect Electrical Discharge Defects with Ultrasound

Electrical discharge is more common than we’d like to believe; even in new installations. Detecting these defects poses a serious challenge, particularly at an early stage when there is still time to initiate corrective actions. Vigilant technologies help reduce the risk of arc flash explosion while enhancing the overall reliability of electrical assets.
While there is no one perfect inspection technique or technology which can, on its own, detect and localize every defect, ultrasound performs...

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