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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Grid Integration

Integrating Renewables

Turning green generation into power BY THE EXPERTS AT THE WORLD WATCH INSTITUTE A grid system’s difficulty in absorbing variable generation can present an obstacle to the growth of renewable power, especially when continued improvements in infrastructure and market design are absent. There are...

Energy Storage Systems

Energy Storage & Carbon Emissions

Over the last several years, towns, cities, and states across the United States have developed policies and invested in efforts aimed at to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and their associated negative societal impacts. Businesses and private citizens have also become increasingly involved in...

Electric Transportation

Electric Vehicles Overview

Electric vehicles (EVs) are still considered a new source of transportation/technology, and may even seem somewhat futuristic. In reality the electric vehicle has been around for more than a century. In the 1830’s Robert Anderson invented the first electric carriage, powered by non-rechargeable...

Renewable Energy Grid Integration

Renewable Realities

Heavy incentives for small-scale distributed generation are floating around parts of Canada—and are growing globally. With large-scale generation becoming harder to build and having longer lead times, even utilities are looking favorably on small-scale distributed generation, such as residential...

Renewable Energy Job Creation Is a Better Bet Than Coal

When it comes to renewable energy job creation, the Trump administration would do well to take a fresh look at clean energy rather than focusing only on fossil fuels. The solar power sector employed twice as many workers in 2016 than power generation from coal, gas and oil combined, according to a...

Renewable Energy

Connecting Hydropower to the Electric Grid

Quantifying investments for plant upgrades and new pumped storage

BY LINDSEY ROGERS, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

In the early 1900s, hydro was the mainstay generation resource. Today, it has evolved to be a less prominent, but still highly valued, flexible form of renewable generation. As variable wind and solar power are utilized, hydro and grid flexibility, particularly pumped storage, are expected to play an important role. However, electric-system modeling and resource planning amid abundant...

Renewable Energy Articles