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Lineman Safety

Grounding & Protection

Electric Utility System Standards

How Ontario regulation can improve electrical safety BY BILL KHASHFE, London Hydro According to an Ontario Electrical Safety Report, 35 percent of the province’s electrical-related fatalities in the past 10 years were attributed to power-line contact. Equipment specifications and electric utility...

Safety Best Practices

Ugh, Why So Much HSE Paper?

With the advent of our modern health, safety and environmental systems (HSE), the requirement to produce more documents is relentless. No one feels this pressure more than our front line supervision; those individuals, who are leading our crews out in the field. Not only are they tasked with...

Safety Best Practices

Distracted Driving Equals Disaster

Removing hazards caused from in-vehicle computing BY SCOTT BALL, Motion Computing No utility company would send a worker out in a truck with a known safety defect. North American electric utilities may not realize, however, that by failing to ensure that computing devices are used safely within...

Utility Safety Standards

Safety Awareness Rules for Utilities

Utilities ready for Ontario health and safety awareness training BY PHILL FELTHAM, Editor-in-Chief Electricity Today Magazine The Government of Ontario has implemented new regulations that require mandatory basic occupational health and safety training. The new regulations, “Occupational Health...

Fall Protection

How to Prevent Struck-By and Backover Incidents

Struck-by, struck-against and back-over incidents are far too common: 421 Hudson St., Manhattan, NYC: Construction worker killed by scaffolding plank. Woods Hole Golf Club, Falmouth, MA: Construction worker injured in back-over accident. Interstate 440-East, Raleigh, NC: DOT workers seriously...

Fall Protection

Fall Protection Becomes Mandatory

New regulation removes “optional” to increase worker safety BY CRAIG FIRL, Capital Safety The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) published updated rules and regulations in April 2014 that impact fall protection for the electrical utility industry. These new regulations,...


lineman safety products

Why Testing Rubber Goods Is Essential to Electrical Safety

The risk of injury, and even death, from electric shock is drastically reduced by taking a few simple steps with your rubber goods. Keep up with daily inspections and cleaning, use safe storage methods, and test your equipment regularly at an experienced, accredited testing lab.

Why Rubber Goods?

Rubber goods can include gloves, sleeves, boots, blankets, line hose, and more. These are key personal protective equipment (PPE) in preventing electrical current from entering your body...

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