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Electrical Substations

Physical Security & Monitoring

Critter Guard

Distinctly Different According to the American Public Power Association, squirrels are among the top causes of power outages across the United States. The Great Lakes region has squirrels as the #1 cause of sustained outages. And in many cases, bird related outages are at number two.Nobody likes...

Substation Automation


Newton-Evans Research Company, Inc. of Ellicott City, MD is preparing to publish market research findings from Volume 1 of a four-volume study, “The World Market for Substation Automation and Integration Programs in Electric Utilities: 2017-2020.” Volume 1 of this Substation Automation and...

Substation Technologies

Grounding System Maintenance Guide

Grounding systems are a crucially important component of any power supply system, because they directly impact public and employee safety, supply system reliability, power quality and life expectancy of power equipment. In spite of their crucial role in safe, reliable, and economic operation of...

Power Transformers

Dielectric Fluids

Advancements in Dissolved Gas Analysis: CO/CO2 Ratio

For DGA interpretation, faults identified using hydrocarbon gases are considered more serious if they appear to affect paper insulation. That is made explicit in CIGRE technical brochure 771[1]. Production of hydrocarbon gases from the oil by electrical or thermal stress does not significantly...


SCADA for Substations

How new technologies can improve monitoring and control


Substations are a critical component for maintaining electrical supply and load control in low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage electrical distribution networks. In order to ensure the proper functioning of substations and related equipment such as line-mounted switches and capacitors, most utilities use SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems to automate monitoring and control.

New sites typically implement a SCADA...

Transformation Articles