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Fleet Management

Telematics and GPS Tracking

Rugged Tablets for Utility Fleet Vehicles

In reports analyzing the response of power utilities to incidents such as Hurricane Sandy, or the more recent ice storms on the east coast, one item has been remarkably consistent—the conclusion that communication requires improvements. The concern is not hard to fathom. Knowing accurately when...

Mobile Computing

Fleet Management Innovations

Valuable state-of-the-art tools for electric utilities BY JOE CAYWOOD, Terex Utilities With all the challenging demands of a utility marketplace, increased understanding of ownership and operating cost, as well as utilization, fleet managers must work through several different scenarios when making...

Mobile Computing

Mobile Workforce Using Augmented Reality

Plugging workers into data analytics and information technologies BY JOHN SIMMINS, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Collectively, North American electric utilities operate in a unique environment. They need to serve all willing customers; they are in one of the most capital-intensive...

Mobile Computing

The Truth About Field Data Management

Field data management: The value and challenge of asset health insight BY PAUL BARNETT, JOHN STEWART, Tennessee Valley Authority & PAT BROWN, Electric Power Research Institute Intelligent management and operation of assets is of major importance to electric utilities. In an era where assets are...

Utility Fleets

Fleet-wide Winch Line Standarization

Inspection, training, and safety support from the factory floor

BY BILL PUTNAM, Yale Cordage

Among the many tools on an electrical utility vehicle, the most widely and heavily used is the winch line. Offering the versatility of pulling, lifting, and setting equipment, the winch is found at the center of numerous critical tasks in the field. However, in the context of what the winch line is attached to—a truck often costing upwards of a quarter-million...

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