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Fleet Management Technology Report

By Phill Feltham

Exploiting the full potential of global positioning system software


North American electric utilities experience a number of challenges when managing fleet vehicles such as digger derricks and bucket trucks. A few of these include fuel consumption costs, maintenance and repairs, and equipment and replacement. Consequently, utilities empower fleet managers to search out solutions to the aforementioned challenges in order to decrease fuel usage, improve vehicle maintenance, and improve productivity, with the overall goal of reducing costs and becoming more efficient.

Nowadays, electric utilities are turning to Smart Grid technologies such as global positioning system (GPS) fleet tracking software to overcome the top three and other unmentioned challenges. This Fleet Management Technology Report, presented by Electricity Today Magazine and GPS Insight, utilizes results from the vendor’s survey to provide valuable information on adoption of the technology, return on investment, and benefits to create awareness for electric utilities searching for software solutions to improve fleet management.

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