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GPS Fleet Tracking for Utility Vehicles

By Electricity Today

How managers and field technicians can benefit from global positioning


The global positioning system (GPS) was originally designed for the U.S. military so that soldiers could easily find their objectives and to coordinate troop and supply movement. Now, the location-based data is used by everyone from tablet manufacturers to oil drillers. In today’s world, drivers on the road would feel lost if they didn’t have their GPS system available to point the way to their destination, just like fleet management would feel lost without fleet tracking to help manage their mobile assets.

Industries utilize global positioning technologies in a variety of different ways. North American electric utilities utilize GPS technologies to locate and manage their fleet operations in real-time.

GPS fleet tracking technology is a game changer for utility fleet managers. This software tool allows management for utilities to become much more efficient on a day-to-day basis and allows the company to take control of fleet expenses. The benefits fleet managers consistently experience far outweigh the cost of outfitting a fleet with a tracking solution.

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