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BC Hydro Introduces 'Vehicle-to-Grid' Pilot Initiative

By Electricity Today

BC Hydro has unveiled an innovative pilot project designed to enable electric vehicles (EVs) to contribute electricity back to the power grid, effectively transforming these vehicles into mobile energy storage units.

The utility company recently announced the successful trial of the vehicle-to-grid program, allowing for the transfer of electricity from the batteries of medium- and heavy-duty EVs back to the electrical grid. This surplus electricity can be utilized in various ways, including supporting emergency response efforts by energizing critical infrastructure during natural disasters or major storms. It offers a cleaner, faster, and more flexible alternative to conventional methods like the use of diesel generators.

BC Hydro's President and CEO, Chris O'Riley, highlighted the significance of this initiative, stating, "The average car is parked 95 per cent of the time, and with the evolution of technology solutions like vehicle-to-grid, stationary vehicles hold the potential to become mobile batteries, powered by clean and affordable electricity."

The successful test was conducted using a Lion Electric school bus provided by Lynch Bus Lines, which was connected to a 60-kilowatt charger. BC Hydro pointed out that the typical bus battery holds 66 kilowatts of electricity, sufficient to power 24 single-family homes with electric heating for two hours. Therefore, if 1,000 of these buses were converted to electric power, they could collectively supply electricity to 24,000 homes for two hours.

This groundbreaking project is a collaborative effort between BC Hydro, Powertech, and Coast to Coast Experience, with funding support from the provincial government.

While this pilot marks the first of its kind in Canada, similar technology has already been successfully implemented in Europe and the United States, offering promising potential for enhancing the energy landscape and sustainability in the region.

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