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Fiber-Reinforced Composite Cross Arms for Transmission Structures

By Phill Feltham

Fiber-reinforced polymers versus traditional cross arms materials

BY JANOS TOTH & GRANT LOCKHART, FRP Transmission Innovations Inc.

Recently, utilities have started using newer options such as component polyurethanes instead of older, widely used conventional materials. Specifically, fiber-reinforced polymer shows promise in providing reliable, cost effective, and durable support for conductors, under challenging environmental conditions. This issue’s Overhead T&D Channel weighs the pros and cons of traditional cross arm materials and makes the case for use of engineered materials as a new way to manufacture electrical overhead transmission structures.

These material advances directly address the inherent weaknesses of traditional construction materials and provide electrical utilities with new opportunities to install transmission structures that are reliable, cost effective, and provide durable support for conductors—even under the most challenging environmental conditions.

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