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Live Line Maintenance

By Phill Feltham

Live line maintenance: ensure safety with proper fiberglass care and maintenance

BY MATT DELL, Hi-Line Utility and Supply

The speed of light and the speed in which electricity travels is 186,282 miles per second. When utility workers are faced against stats like that, there is no moving out of the way. The best line of defence is to follow proper safety protocols and to prepare work practices and electrical equipment for the unexpected. Fiberglass live line tools are used to distance the worker from the power line, so proper care and maintenance of these tools are required to help ensure worker safety. Regular cleaning, inspection, testing, refinishing, and proper storing will prolong the life of the fiberglass, reduce new equipment costs, and provide protection from shock and electrocution.

Environmental exposure everyday takes a toll on all forms of protective equipment. Dirt, oils, petroleum-based products, water, and conditions such as dry climates, in addition to everyday use can all take their toll on fiberglass live line tools and equipment. An industry best practice is to clean fiberglass live-line tools daily, and specially-formulated fiberglass wipes make this process easy to perform. These wipes are typically infused with silicone to protect the fiberglass and makes the fiberglass more water repellent.

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