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Case Study: Rapid Changes in Bushing Health

By dynamicratings.com

Continuous online monitoring of bushings provides real-time information which can result in the early detection of a possible failure.

Challenge: A Major Alarm
A prominent U.S. utility was looking for a way to improve system reliability for their 138kV assets. They researched and reviewed options available on the market that included affordable bushing monitoring. After review, the utility chose to pilot the Dynamic Ratings’ C50 Transformer Monitor to see if it was worth the investment to become part of the overall solution.
The C50 Transformer Monitors were installed and serviced on the transformers by Dynamic Ratings Field Engineers. One day, after about two years in service, the utility received notification of a major alarm happening at one of the C50 installation sites. Upon further review of the online web pages, the C50 indicated that there was a rapid change happening in the health of a bushing on the transformer.

To learn more about the C50 Transformer Monitor, visit our website at www.dynamicratings.com/c50

Read full article in the Electricity Today T&D Magazine – Substation Automation Protection & Maintenance Edition 2023

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