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Purchasing Reconditioned Electrical Equipment

By Phill Feltham

Debunking the myths about tested and refurbished equipment

BY RISHI SUDAN, RS Electrical Supply

Extending the lifecycle of capital equipment such as 15-kilovolt circuit breakers, switchgear, and transformers through testing and reconditioning saves time and money by cutting down on new equipment purchases and eliminating associated downtime with major equipment replacement. However, many utilities doubt the reliability of reconditioned electrical equipment for a number of reasons. Many utilities believe that reconditioned equipment is not as safe or reliable as newly manufactured equipment. However, a closer look at the facts reveals a different story.

Whether buying a new or refurbished product, utilities must do their homework before purchase. Purchasing a reconditioned product reduces acquisition costs and compatibility questions, but it does raise questions about the quality of the reconditioning process and the source.

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