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Reliable, Energy-efficient Transformers Are an Essential Part of Canada’s Electrical Infrastructure

By Electro-Federation Canada
Reliable Energy-efficient Transformers

The Canadian Transformer Industry: At-a-Glance
The Transformer industry is a vital component of our electrical system. Transformers allow the efficient transmission and distribution of power across grids, providing society with safe and reliable access to electricity. The Canadian Transformer industry is a large and growing market, contributing 36% of Canada’s total electrical manufacturing revenue.1
Electro-Federation Canada (EFC) represents leading electrical manufacturers that design, manufacture and market Power, Distribution and Dry-type Transformers, among other electrical equipment, for Canadian and global markets. EFC’s Transformer members contribute significantly to the overall Canadian economy.

Industry Outlook
With customer demand for electricity on a steady rise, investments in new energy and infrastructure projects are required to renew Canada’s aging infrastructure to enable efficient power transmission.
According to the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA), worldwide revenue from residential demand response is expected to grow from $322 million in 2014 to $2.3 billion in 2023. On a provincial level, Ontario is aiming to use demand response to meet 10% of its peak demand by 2025, equivalent to approximately 2,400 megawatts under forecast conditions. CEA also forecasts capital expenditures in new electrical infrastructures, including transformers, to exceed $350 billion over the next 20 years, and total North American expenditures are forecasted at ten times that amount.2
While this investment is a positive step forward, continued stakeholder engagement and commitment is necessary if we are to preserve and advance Canada’s interests in a sustainable and local transformer industry—a critical pillar for a secure and reliable electricity grid and strengthening Canada’s economy.

Transformers are a vital part of all electrical systems—they allow the transmission of electricity over long distances and transform energy into useable voltage levels for all parts of our economy. Virtually all electricity that is consumed, passes through multiple transformers on its way to users.
Canada has a long history of innovation and leadership in the Transformer market. Our expertise in the engineering and design of reliable, secure transformers that have supported electrical grids for decades, to developing employment opportunities for skilled trades in electrical wiring, high voltage testing, machining, welding, coil winding and insulation systems—has advanced not only the overall Canadian electrical system but has drawn worldwide acclaim.
Canada is widely recognized for its transformer expertise. In fact, Canada designed and manufactured the world’s first 735kV and 765kV power transformers. This leadership has resulted in strong economic output by the industry. Today, Transformer manufacturers contribute substantially to Canada’s GDP, procured goods and services, capital and research investments, and employment. Moving forward, this market is positioned for growth, due to the need to replace aging infrastructure and the need to meet growing demand for new electricity generation in all regions across Canada.

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