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The SorbWeb™ Plus DRH4 Synergy

By Randy Hurst
SorbWeb&tade; Plus System

If you have oil-filled transformers, the law requires you to have a spill prevention plan in place, up to and including a secondary containment system to protect the environment and prevent oil from reaching navigable waters. Albarrie and Voltra Technology have partnered up to provide the power industry with a revolutionary above-grade containment system using a combination of Voltra’s oil-leak management system and Albarrie’s oil reactive membranes typically used in the SorbWeb™ Plus system. This comprehensive and digitized secondary oil containment is reliable, easy to implement, and cost effective.
SorbWeb™ Plus is a secondary oil containment system that is engineered, produced, and installed by Albarrie (a leading North American felt manufacturer). The system uses a patented oil reactive smart fabric technology that allows water to pass through but seals and traps oil in the event of a catastrophic transformer failure.
DRH4 Smart System by Voltra Technology is a uniquely innovative primary containment system comprising instantaneous oil/water separation and early stage oil leak/spill detection. The DRH4 provides crucial protection for the asset, reduces maintenance costs & mitigates the risk of catastrophic failure.
When the DRH4 leak management technology is combined with SorbWeb™ Plus this unison becomes the most comprehensive containment system in the market. Let’s look at each system individually, and then we will highlight the enhanced benefits our customers enjoy when they are synergized.

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