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Transformers and the Power Grid

By Phill Feltham

Transformers and the power grid: A look at the critical components of the electrical system


Electrical transformers are a vital ingredient to the power grid. Without these assets, electricity generation and transmission over long distances would not be possible nor would it power urban centres and industrial complexes. Once a thriving Canadian industry, transformer manufacturing has been challenged in recent years by increasing competition from offshore players with dumping margins close to 20 percent and a loss of skilled resources mainly due to an aging workforce.

There are only a few Canadian-based power transformer manufacturers still operating in the country. Yet with combined direct and indirect economic benefits, they remain an important contributor to the Canadian economy. Now, as new prospects for accelerated growth emerge, the time has come for all stakeholders to engage in solutions that will advance Canada’s interests through a vibrant, sustainable transformer industry— an essential local pillar in a secure and reliable energy system.

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