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By Sandy Simon

The Digitisation of utility operations has been evolving at an accelerating pace over the last decade. Many utilities saw this trend developing, and one by one they began their own digital transformation, each on their own path. While each utility is at its own stage of this journey, every utility seeks to get value out of the investments it has already made and has a view of what’s coming, in order to navigate this transformation.

Digitization is an intriguing but not easy journey. It is an evolution that touches every aspect of the utility. Each step on the path offers new value, but also poses new challenges the likes of which utility companies have never faced. Successful Digitisation requires a fundamental culture shift within organisations, but by achieving such change, utilities can reap the benefits of emerging technologies as well as lay a foundation for potential future developments. There are clear steps utilities can and should be taking to better align themselves with the demands of this new digital era.

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