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Siemens’ White Paper Outlines Design for Mini-Grids to Energize Puerto Rico

By Kara Evanko
Siemens’ innovative products, technologies and services

Siemens proposes 10 mini-grids that will cover most of Puerto Rico and will be designed to enhance resiliency to withstand or recover quickly from future natural disasters.
Design enhances reliance on renewables and exceeds the established renewables penetration goal by 15 percent.
Today, Siemens released its white paper, “Resilient by
Design: Enhanced Reliability and Resiliency for Puerto Rico’s Electric Grid,” which outlines a new energy infrastructure framework in the wake of last year’s Hurricane Maria. The storm devastated the island, leaving 1.2 million households or 75 percent of those on the island without power for more than a month. Now, nearly a year after the hurricane, the island is redesigning its power infrastructure with the vision of providing a more resilient, cleaner system that will provide reliable power to residents and businesses.
The white paper outlines an innovative approach to a distributed energy system (DES). A series of 10 mini-grids throughout the island will incorporate and enhance existing energy infrastructure. The mini-grid solution incorporates energy storage, renewables, and existing conventional infrastructure that will operate both connected to the grid as well as in island-mode in case of natural disasters.

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