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T&D Sensing and Measurement Market Overview

By Navigant Research

When it comes to T&D Sensing and Measurement, the electric grid is changing. The industry is undergoing a dramatic shift in the mix of generated electric power, driving demand for grid transparency, reliability, and utility accountability. To meet these demands, utilities must change the way they interact with their electric infrastructure. During the next decade, many utilities worldwide will undertake significant investments in automation and monitoring solutions in substations, transmission and distribution (T&D) lines, transformers, and more. All types of utilities seek to improve reliability, upgrade and replace aging infrastructure, and effectively integrate new distributed energy resources (DER) into the grid.

T&D sensing and measurement (TDSM) devices are paving the way toward a more advanced, self-monitoring, and self-healing electric grid. As the cost of sensors and connectivity falls, utilities are expected to deploy these systems farther and faster than ever before. An advanced sensor, paired with real-time communications and analysis, provides a utility with vital system health information and tools for monitoring asset functionality, assessing safety risks, and preventing extended network interruptions. Globally, the arrow is pointing up for the short- and long-term future of advanced TDSM implementation. The increasing demands for distributed generation (DG) such as wind and solar, coupled with pressure from regulators and customers for enhanced grid intelligence, are driving the TDSM market to grow.

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