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Line Leakage Testing: Is It Right For Your Application

The Line Leakage test (LLT for short) is most often specified to be performed as a type test in a design or engineering laboratory or as a routine production line test on medical devices right before they ship. Not as commonly performed as a Dielectric Withstand or Ground Bond test in a production environment, LLT can cause some confusion for engineers and technicians alike.

However, technological advancements have begun to lessen the outward complexity of...

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BC Hydro Introduces 'Vehicle-to-Grid' Pilot Initiative

BC Hydro has unveiled an innovative pilot project designed to enable electric vehicles (EVs) to contribute electricity back to the power grid, effectively transforming these vehicles into mobile energy storage units. The utility company recently announced the successful trial of the...

Lineman Safety

Linemen safety on jobsite

5 Ways to Improve Bucket-to-Ground Communication

Cranes, aerials and bucket trucks are common sights in construction zones and among maintenance crews around our cities. What better way to hoist materials to high places or to move workers closer to the task?
When your crew includes an above-ground operator in a bucket or cab, they’re linked to ground activity via a dedicated spotter. A spotter’s job is to free up the operator to focus on what they’re doing, uninterrupted from jobsite distractions. Here are five ways to improve communication between these two.


The fewer commands being used, the better. Whether it’s OSHA’s standard...

Step and Touch Potential

What Is Step and Touch Potential and Reducing Resistance To Ground?

Step Potential

Step potential is the step voltage between the feet of a person standing near an energized grounded object. It is equal to the difference in voltage, given by the voltage distribution curve, between two points at different distances from the electrode. A person could be at risk of injury during a fault simply by standing near the grounding point.

Touch Potential

Touch potential is the touch voltage between the energized object and the feet of a person in contact with the object. It is equal to the difference in voltage between the object and a point some distance...

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Fall Protection

Fighting Heat Stress With Effective Workwear

In a perfect world, we could all work in weather-controlled environments where heat wouldn’t be a factor and comfort could be maximized. Many workplaces however, deal with very high temperatures and heat stress is a year-round risk that requires serious consideration. For many years the standards...
Grounding & Protection

Worker Safety Using Infrared

Infrared safety: using thermal technologies to protect workers BY DOUG BARRY, FLIR Systems Disconnect switches, elbow connectors, cutouts, lightning arrestors, oil-filled circuit breakers, and other electrical components tend to heat up before they fail. The ability to detect overheating on such...