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Utility Truck Fittings and Accessories

By Phill Feltham

Delivering innovative solutions through a customer-centric approach

BY JOE CAYWOOD, Terex Utilities

The secret to being successful on any job, whether it is a new installation, routine maintenance or a complete overhaul of an electrical system, is to equip utility crews with the right equipment to match the application.

Delivering innovative solutions in the field needs to be more than just introducing new products or services; solutions need to be focused on helping utility fleet professionals incorporate existing product and service concepts into their everyday work practices. In the electric industry, a crew’s utility truck—whether an aerial device such as a bucket truck, or a digger derrick—plays a critical role in completing jobs efficiently and effectively.

Every lineman, operator, or field crew team member has specific ideas about the design of a utility fleet truck including aerial devices and digger derricks, and how these vehicles will best suit their jobsite needs. These ideas start with the specs of a base truck, which includes the work zone capacity for digger derricks or working height and side reach for aerial devices. Then, these specs are tailored to fit the work practices and requirements of each individual utility or contractor’s fleet.

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