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Ross Engineering Corporation


High Voltage DC Source For Testing Dielectric Withstand and Insulation Leakage Current. Ross Engineering Corporation's High Voltage Megmeter Series are unique battery powered DC hipot and meter. Models are available for withstand testing of insulation up to 50kV DC, as well as measuring leakage current as low as 0.001 microamp and resistance as high as 30 million megohms when testing underground cable, rubber safety gloves, vacuum interrupters, high voltage devices and all types of electrical insulation. All models have an over current trip feature to minimize arcing damage. Completely portable with rechargeable 12V battery which can be recharged from an automobile or 115V, 230V AC.

  • Portable model VMT15: 0-2kV, 0-10kV, 0-15kV DC, 0.001-260, 1000 or 2000 microamps.
  • Model VMT42: 0-2kV, 0-15kV, 0-42kV DC, 0.001-100, 375 or 750 microamps.
  • Model VMT50: 0-50kV, 1200 microamps.
  • All models have programable overcurrent trip limit to minimize arcing damage.
  • Can double output current for short time. 12V battery powered for isolated field use.
  • Can be used as a HV low current power supply and hipot. Can measure leakage current in HV cables and any HV insulation or HV device. Is used to test insulation for voltage hold off.
  • Can test up to 10,000ft of HV cable.
  • Can measure megohms of dielectric leakage resistance.


Ross Engineering Corp

540 Westchester Dr.

Campbell, California

United States

(408) 377-4621



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